Window Fog Solutions

Window Repair for Fogged Windows

Foggy Windows (noun): 1. moisture in windows. 2. Condensation, fog, mist, water vapor or water droplets trapped on the interior surfaces of insulated glass units (IGUs). 3. An ongoing source of bewilderment, frustration and expense for homeowners, property managers, building owners and commercial tenants.

Even before any visible mist appears, the thermal efficiency of your windows is being compromised over time as "wet air" accumulates in the space between the panes of glass and conducts heat through the unit, costing you energy dollars.

The good news is: The sooner the condition of moisture on the glass is recognized, the more successful treatment is. All but physical damage on the glass can be serviced by WFS technicians.
  • Restore the clarity of your windows and restore dry air to your windows to improve insulating performance.
  • Extend the life of windows.
  • Minimize your investment in glass.
  • Protect yourself with a 10-year warranty
  • Improve your property value
  • Maintain the architectural balance of the property
  • Save on replacement costs
  • Reduce the annual cost of window with an affordable maintenance program
  • Save hundreds and even thousands of lost energy dollars travelling through windows
Window Fog Solutions is dedicated to advancing its technology to provide an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Window Replacement.

When windows can be saved, they should be saved!

You can call us at 860-872-7433 so we can immediately repair your windows.